Martinson X


  Standard Board Options



Base Price: $720.00

A very good paddler that also noserides exceptionally well for a mid-length. Not to be ridden like a shorter board, but more like a traditional type. Very stable and great floatation. 15' Tail 22' width 16' nose (green/yellow/red fade shown)

Customization vs. Standard (please see below)

  • Stringers: Stock single stringer or optional muilt-stringer or T-band available.
  • Glassing: Stock 6oz. or optional 8oz. Volan.
  • Colors: Stock - Clear or airbrushed graphics. Optional - opaque pigments, psychedelic swirls, or customer's own design.
  • Fins: Model dependant.
  • Click here for Custom Order Form

Custom orders require 4- 6 weeks lead time. To check board availability ready for immediate shipping,
or for more information and customization options please email
We will respond within 24 hours.

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